Sylvain Girard

I lead the “Reliability & Robustness” team at Phimeca Engineering Paris.

We use data science and numerical simulation to help designing, operating and maintaining industrial system safely and efficiently.

My main research interest are

  • Uncertainty modelling, in particular of spatio-temporal phenomena. Applications include pollution diagnosis and forecast, and health monitoring of industrial systems.

  • Dimension reduction and function approximations.

  • System scale modelling (also known as 0D/1D in some engineering comunities).


  • Mathematics up against it”: the 4th Researcher–Engineer Gathering will be held on 17th November 2022 at IHP. Book your seat or propose a talk here :

  • May 2022 – The next Uncertainty & Industry (IMdR) workshop : “Return of experience, knowledge management and modelling”, detailed program and registration.

  • April 2022 – Valentin Pibernus joined the MADiPA project to break the locks towards generalisation of this results, aiming for a robust non-linear extension of principal component analysis (PCA).

  • Jan. 2022 – My teamate Raphaël Périllat recently showed me this stunning picture:

    Left: atmospheric dispersion simulation with IRSN pX model. Right: low dimension approximation by an auto-associative model (this a test simulation, absent from the training sample).

Recent and upcoming talks

  • 2022/10/05 – MATHIAS Days 2022The Living Digital Twin: 3 factors to get beyond the hype[🗎 get slides].

  • 2022/08/22–2022/09/03 – International Association for Mathematical Geology 21th annual conference (Nancy), “Accounting for uncertainties in soil pollution simulation by metamodeling”, poster presented by Raphaël Périllat.

  • 2022/06/24 – Uncertainty & Industry (IMdR) workshop: “Return of experience, knowledge management and modelling” [🗎 get slides].

  • 2022/05/09 – Workshop «Python in Modelica» (Paris ; Phimeca, EDF, Naval Group, Air Liquide, ArcelorMittal, CEA/ENSAM) [🗎 get slides].

  • 2022/04/15 – Journée du GST Mécanique et Incertain de l’AFM ; inscription), à l’ENSAM (Paris), “Industrialiser le jumeau numérique – Application à la maintenance prévisionnelle d’un compresseur d’air[🗎 get slides].

  • 2022/01/21 – Intervention lors de la semaine pédagogique du département, IMI à l’École Nationale des Ponts, “Modéliser les risques et aléas en grande dimension” [🗎 get slides].