Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of soil pollution & remediation models (QUASPER)

(QUAntification des incertitudes et Sensibilité des modèles de Prédiction de l’Epuisement et de Remédiation des sources de pollution)

Duration: 36 months, starting in September 2020.

Partially funded by ADEME through the GESIPOL program.

Partnership with BURGEAP (Juliette Chastanet), and GeoRessources (Fabrice Golfier).

Models predicting impact duration of soil pollution sources are needed to provide reliable figures to for management and construction planning . However, they are still scarcely used for several reasons: too long delays, too high additional complecity, poor uncertainty management, lack of knowledge of predominating factors.

The QUASPER project aims at securing the use of preditive modelling by:

  1. improvement the understandings of the factors controlling the attenuation of pollution source zones;

  2. indentification of the cases where model simplifications are possible;

  3. systematic quantification of uncertainties.